Let’s go to London

How Campus e.V. made my class trip to London to the best one I’ve ever had

Fabian Kinzius
On this year’s great Campus-class trip to London we were able to experience Great Britain’s culture.
We did not only get to see the Shakespeare theatre, where we got a lot of interesting information about the history of England’s grand literature but we also made a fun trip to one of the largest and important museums of cultural history, the British Museum (BM).

Britisch Museum

Britisch Museum, Feb 10th 2015

I have to honestly admit that without Campus e.V. my stay in London wouldn’t have been such a remarkable one. I have been to London before and it wasn’t nearly as fun as this class trip. The network between our teacher Ms. Moritz and a German professor who has a professorship in London was a great way of learning more about the city by talking to a local insider. Another great thing was that we were having great supervisors who were doing a lot of fun activities with us but also we had enough free time for ourselves to get to know London, at night for example, on our own.
Looking back to the time in London there is one event that I remember as the most exceptional one. During one of our daily tours to the hotspots of London the supervisors had the splendid idea to make a guided tour through the boroughs of the ethnic minorities to get to know another side of London that we would never have seen alone.

Streetfood in Banglatown

Streetfood in Banglatown, Feb 12th 2015

We had so much fun in Banglatown when we were trying all kinds of different food and talking to Bangladeshi locals who were talking to us about their lives in the big city and their experiences with the British culture.
If I could get on a personal level right now, I definitely think that if you have the chance to study at Campus e.V you should definitely do it. The great trip to London is only one of the many pro’s this school has to offer.