State-approved commercial assistant in the field of foreign languages

The beginning of the training is the 27th February 2017 and takes 2 years including a several weeks lasting internship as a part of the training.

Acquiring the advanced technical college entrance qualification is possible


practical and modular commercial apprenticeship with state-approved vocational qualification

Job description

certified commercial assistants in the field of foreign languages acquire the following abilities and qualifications:

You independently take care of the routine duties of an assistant in commercial-administrating fields in different industries and in this context you make your own decisions.

You assist in the preparations of business processes and assist the department management, administrative department, project department or the general management. In doing so, you act independently, customer oriented and quality conscious. This includes the willingness to participate in continuing education.

You are able to communicate daily activities in spoken and written form in English and at least a second foreign language (Spanish, French or Russian). You are able to act and communicate appropriately in different situations, in accordance with the basic political, economic, social, cultural and geographic characteristics of the countries in which these languages are spoken.

In the foreign language English you will reach level III-Vantage,

in the second foreign language level II- Threshold and in a third foreign language level I-Waystage (referring to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching” of the European Council) (compare framework agreement of the ministers of education conference about the certification of the knowledge of foreign languages in the field of the job training)


Two years (including a several weeks lasting internship as a part of the training.


February and August  (later dates on request)


High school diploma or A-levels or an equivalent degree

Teaching times

Monday – Thursday: 8 am – 3 pm

Friday: 8 am – 12:45 pm

Tuition fee

€190.00 monthly for self-pay students


BAFöG (without payback)
Individual sponsorship by annuity assurance
Scholarships for the apprenticeship are possible

Contact person

Melanie Haase


Ms Haase
Phone: 030 25 93 18 77
Fax: 030 25 93 18 79



Campus Berufsfachschule
Friedrichstraße 231
10969 Berlin
Registration: House D, second floor

Content of the apprenticeship

spoken and written communication /exchange of data with business partners in the target language

Mediation between source language and target language: translating and rephrasing written and spoken communication

Using modern information and communication technologies to obtain, prepare, evaluate, administrate and pass on data

Assisting in obtaining and documenting information on company performance

Administering document and data storage media

Developing documents and forms according to standards after having obtained the information in oral, written or electronically transmitted form

Preparing, designing and presenting texts, graphs and work results in general, in a foreign language

Applying national and international legal regulations which are relevant to managing business

Paying attention to economic framework requirements and national as well as international economic particularities

Communication and cooperation within a team

Recognising labour legislation regulations

Mediation and acquisition of these qualifications take place in a pedagogically and scientifically structured modular system. The modules are arranged in a way that both subject matters as well as didactical and teaching psychological aspects have an effect that enables a deep understanding of the issues and the application in workplace related situations.


At the same time as the school holidays in Berlin

partially temporally shifted